Check out this article from our very own core team member @michael_xvg on his thoughts about the global movement of Verge, its technology, and the VergeFam community!

"Powered by the VergeFam, Verge Currency has made further steps at becoming something much larger than just being a cryptocurrency; it has become a global movement."

Have you ever wondered "What is Lightning Network?" Well, luckily, our very own @CryptoRekt published a great introductory article about Lightning Network. Found here:

"I just published 'Introduction to the Lightning Network'. If you found this helpful and want to see more, please support me by 'clapping' on #medium. -CR"

🔥 We have refined our roadmap to a new level!
$XVG #xvgfam #Vergecurrency #VergeFam #Verge #xvg

- constant updates
- detailed insights
- and more coming

#VergeTeam is making a daily progress on this amazing journey towards #massadoption.

We all volunteer, each new vendor and supporter is what keeps our passion on the highest level. now accepts @vergecurrency as payment.
Thank you for the support!

#VergeFam I'm thrilled to announce that @EvoHostin - now accepts #XVG #Vergecurrency via @CoinPaymentsNET and offers premium quality #vps, #vnc #gamingserver and #ircd #hosting for as low as 5$ :)

#VergeFam and #TokenPayFam,

@bambu_products is awesome! They now offer a 50% discount for everyone that pays with @vergecurrency or @tokenpay!

Thank you for supporting #massadoption and our communities!

$XVG $TPAY #VergeCurrency #TokenPay

Days keep getting better!

Another vendor has joined the #VergeFam! now accepts @vergecurrency as payment!
It’s a company that makes audio cables, well known in the industry.
@GirandCHANKING thank you for the support!

$XVG #XVG #massadoption

#VergeFam, I would like to remind you - we’re stronger together! @vergecurrency tech is amazing but what makes it a #currency is all of us.
Take a few min of your time and ping the potential vendors on Twitter, Investfeed, or other social media platforms to explain to them the benefits of $XVG !

Let’s do this Fam! #massadoption

How to contribute to open source projects:

1. Fork the repository
2. Clone the forked one
3. Grab a manageable issue
4. Finish it & review to your best
5. Create a pull request
6. Check the requirements
7. Get reviewed and merged
8. Become one of us 💙

Looking to purchase #XVG with #Visa or #Mastercard?

@vergecurrency is now available on @ChangeNOW_io !

Check them out in the link down below:

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