Are you looking to accept #VERGE at your business but don't know where to start?

@NetCentsHQ has the solution.

Check out their end-to-end integration demo here:

Then click on this link to get started today.

#XVG $XVG #NetCents

We are happy to announce that our core team member @Arend_XVG, will be speaking at the biggest Blockchain conference in the World!

The event is in Barcelona, Spain, from October 16th to the 18th at the @BECON_global Crypto Economy World conference.

#XVG $XVG #CEW18 #Verge

Oct 9, 2018 at 9:17 pm
welcome, glad to have you

#VergeFam it has been almost 3 months since the first global @vergecurrency meet-up in #Amsterdam.
A boat filled with $XVG enthusiasts - it was awesome 🔥

I’d like to encourage you to make local #Verge meet ups and spread the word about #VergeCurrency.

Verge is all of us!

Fourth phase of the CCID's assessment on blockchain tech is here, #vergefam!!

$XVG #xvg @vergecurrency has improved to 18th out of new additions and repeated crypto evaluations from the third phase. Great job!

Link ->

#VergeFam - Let's welcome @anycoinDirect to the #Verge family. Anycoindirect enabled the purchase of $XVG with $EUR on their European platform. They’re one of the biggest exchanges in Europe.

Buy today at:

#Crypto #cryptocurrency #FIATtoXVG #xvgfam

Our very own @CryptoGirlDini testing the alpha version of our new #Verge wallet, and got some spanking new #Patta #Parra #Nike kicks from my boyfriend! What more can a girl ask for? The new Verge wallet is looking #Sexy, the team has completely redefined the user experience!

Picture yourself on this ultimate form of luxury. 🛥With @Boatsters you can pay with crypto & #Verge is on top of the list 💙 #XVG has low fees, is private, fast & anonymous. With a 600K community, Verge is quickly being adopted by the masses. Who is next?

#VergeFam - @bluntumbrellas, a global leader in the industry, are now accepting @vergecurrency as a means of payment for the #USA and #Australia region with other regions to follow.

#Promo offer: 20% discount exclusively for $XVG payments.


#vergefam - We are now listed on @CoinPulseEx exchange! $XVG Deposit/Trading/Withdrawal timeline listed below. Thanks to the team at #coinpulse for working with us.

Exciting week!

#xvgfam #vergecurrency #newlisting #massadoption

Curious to know more about the @PundiXLabs integration?

Check out this article written by @sourcedexter, one of our core team members:

#VergeCurrency #XVG $XVG

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