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If you are long the $UVXY from yesterday it is wise to give it some room to the downside. I would put a stop below yesterday's high to allow for a gap fill without being shaken out. The huge divergence in the market is a change in character from the last 2 years. And hence thus $UVXY spike could get higher than the one day "news" wonders we saw recently!

Yesterday's sell-off was on huge volume and they got everyone. $UVXY finally had another runaway gap-up as the fear surrounding the latest POTUS issues rose during the session. SP500 and Nasdaq both blasted through support levels which is not agood sign. If you didnt't went short yesterday than you should not chase the downside. Cash is king.

$UVXY closes up +36%. I know, everyone was long




Europe jumped after the -non event- french vote and so do futures. Two weeks ago I posted that this $UVXY runup was dumb money betting on a black swan. That was clear from F1-F2 price difference compared to the longer term futures. Anyway this morning the party is over as UVXY is down -18% already in premarket. According to my post from last week, I really do believe that this is a very bullish enviroment and that we are leaving this 15 year old secular bear market behind.

$JNUG , $UVXY down while $XIV $PCLN $AMZN $FB $NFLX are up!

$UVXY 5/5-Strong Buy

A bearish call was made on Monday! $SPY $QQQ $IWM . $UVXY & $VXX

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