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Historical ETF prices for United States Oil Fund (USO). United States Oil Fund, LP (USOF) is a limited partnership. USOF is a commodity pool that issues limited partnership interests (units) traded on the NYSE Arca, Inc. (the NYSE Arca). The Company's general partner is United States Commodity Funds LLC (the General Partner) and is responsible for the management of USOF. The investment objective of USOF is for the changes in percentage terms of its units' net asset value (NAV) to reflect the cha…

sounds like OPEC rhetoric guarantees extension of the cut deal... they better deliver.... or whooosh. $CL _F $USO .

GovBrain Iranian Election Trend Meter: Hassan Rouhani is maintaining a strong lead over Ebrahim Raisi. $USO $BNO $UNG $XLE $UCO

GovBrain Election Trend Meter: Who Will Win Iran's Presidential Election? See our prediction here: $USO $BNO $UNG $SLE $UCO $XLE

great show today. lots of names inc: $CL _F $ES _F $SPY $INTC $DIS $IWM $HD $M $WMT $COST $CVX $USO $BIDU $GRPN $TWTR

$USOIL $USO $OIL et al (D) Trading mid bearish channel after bounce above 45. Day 2 resistance near EMA50 and EMA200. If bulls continue, 50 and P pivot may be tested. Otherwise, 47 test is possible.

$USOIL $CL _F $USO $OIL et al (D) Continued chop near 46 while Oil Members figure out their pricing metrics. Trading range (S2,S1) Pivots. Obey your rules.

$USOIL $CL _F $USO $OIL et al (D) Strong support from 44 and 45. Possible chop around 46 to determine it's support strength. Obey your rules

CNBC's own analyst telling what happen to #Crude #WTI $CL _F $USOIL $QM

Should see a bottom in #Crude #oil $USOIL #WTI $CL _F $QM _F around the 45 dollar as showed on this chart posted Tuesday. Best to your trading. We make day trading easier...with the right signals to trade after.

$USOIL $CL _F $USO $OIL et al (D) 46 Support test. Round #s are strong with this one.

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