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Gold Miners Bull 3X Direxion
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The Fund, under normal circumstances, invests at least 80% of its net assets (plus borrowing for investment purposes) in financial instruments that provide daily leveraged exposure to the Index and/or exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”) that track the Index. The financial instruments in which the Fund normally invests include swap agreements and futures contracts which are intended to produce economically leveraged investment results. On a day-to-day basis, the Fund is expected to hold money market f…

$NUGT will play long at 36.12

$NUGT After a nice breakout 2 weeks ago it has found some resistance

$NUGT Bullish

$NUGT short and long traderecap

$NUGT got .25 on that short on 30 contracts

$NUGT short my stop on that is .66, willing lose (.10) to gain .20 -.30

$NUGT short .76 at 35.5

$NUGT making an M pattern , short:)

$NUGT remaining 20 contracts .35 winnings:) hit target 34.71

$NUGT took .25 on 20 contracts, remaining 20 contracts will target 34.71. Move stop loss to .10 winning

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