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GoPro, Inc., formerly Woodman Labs, Inc., develops hardware and software solutions to alleviate consumer pain points associated with capturing, managing, sharing and enjoying engaging content. The Company's mountable and wearable cameras and accessories, which the Company refer to as capture devices, enable professional-quality capture and exceptional versatility. In addition, the Company's remote control solutions and its seamless integration with mobile devices through the GoPro App, its mobil…

$GPRO (D) Some support near S1 Pivot. Slopes of EMA50 & EMA200 are negative; bearish. But should S1 hold, then possible Bull Flag. A S1 support failure, could test March's low if Bears are hangry. Obey your rules.

$GPRO (D) EMA50 Resistance and P Pivot Magnet. As long as 8 support holds, bullish

ZozoStockwatch Stocks on Watch for 5/23 $BBG $BIOC $CIEN $FOLD $GPRO $INFN $CYTR $CLMS $BPMX $SPY and more

$GPRO (D) May go higher as long as current support holds here near P Pivot; aka a higher lower forming. Still mainly a trade as longer term indicators are still bearish. Be patient, stalk your entries.

And a recap on my posts from a while ago since some considerable time has passed; $GPRO did reach target highs only to be cut short by failed launches, cheap and comparable alternative devices, and lack of ability to provide anything really innovative to the camera and drone markets. Either $AAPL or DJI should acquire them. At least kept the team and tech alive.

$GPRO (D) For perspective. Near term bullish should this higher low hold near the bottom of the channel and P Pivot. Long term, it is still bottoming. Still only a trade. Obey your rules.

$GPRO (DE) Still plagued. Only a trade, not an investment. It is still working out a bottom in TA. Obey your rules.

Battle of the "Cam" cos: $SNAP and $GPRO inversely related so far. fighting over which finger will be stinkier.

$GPRO said that it expects revenue to come in at the high end of its guidance, which would mean around $210 million. #Stocks #Investing #Bullboard

Today's Trading Stats & Journal: $GPRO $NFLX $IBM 0 Wins/3 Losses: 0% Profitability -$300 l -3R #trading #stocks #daytrade #daytrading #momentum #invest #stockmarket #finance

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