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≡ Groestlcoin Development Release ≡ 22nd December 2018 ≡

We are very pleased to announce our 4th development release this year.
Groestlcoin Team wanted to end the year with a surprise for its community.
Hint: Mass Adoption!

Join over 2500 merchants that have signed up for beta launch on 14th December, and send your feedback to AtomicPay.

Public release is set for mid-January 2019, after all features required on the merchant end are covered, so you can accept crypto payments flawlessly.

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Happy to announce that Groestlcoin is live on Delta Direct!
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We would like to make a formal statement to address the release of the new Baikal BK-G28 ASIC which supports our Groestl algorithm. Many of you have had questions regarding whether Groestlcoin will or should hard-fork to a new Proof-of-Work algorithm.

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Groestlcoin $GRS is now listed on!

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