Here comes more capital flight! As the dissolution of the EU continues, it should put a bid on the USD, blue chip stocks, PMs, and Bitcoin.

60% Of Italians Think EU Is Bad For Italy

Ripple CEO says cryptocurrency needs regulation

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Bitcoin already has enough problems like that. Regulation? There, you can say goodbye to your wallet and your privacy.

Crypto news in brief (November 16, 2018): Microsoft, Herman Gref, CIMB, Ripple, KuCoin, Bitcoin Cash, Binance

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Three reasons why Bitcoin's value just dropped 15% overnight

Investfeed Defects/Bug report week-ending 16/11/18: 68 Defects Closed, 21 Pending closure, 28 Fixes ready for release into Live, 7 Fixes in test, 9 Fixes in development. Across mobile and desktop Investfeed now only has 10 defects/bugs which are in Open status waiting for development to start. This is an 85% decrease measured over a period of 31 days. #Investfeed

Damped my meagre remaining $XHV hodlings in case team doesn't deliver.

Whos market buying $START RN?

Obviously nothing to worry about... right?

If I was a betting man I'd day Craig Wright owns the @satoshi handle on twitter

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I think you are correct'em