24 Hour Open $0.013032
24 Hour Close $0.013206
24 Hour High $0.013430
24 Hour Low $0.012311
24 Hour Volume 174,563,661.53
Market Cap $192,974,228
Available Supply 14,612,617,628.0
Last Price 0.013206



Seriously think only a few ppl know there is really only one Truly Anonymous $CRYPTO and that is #Verge $XVG #XVG Verge is the standard in Privacy Based crypto currencies and Naturally is Undervalued but tgis wont be for long. #BTC #Altcoins #Privacy #Smartcontracts #ETH $ETH $LTC $ARK $DGB $SC #Top10 in my book

$LTC $STRAT bout to get that pump ? i can feel it ;)


Aug 14, 2017 at 5:18 pm
most are REKT except for $CVC and $ANS

$XRP I was part in the $ETH ethereum and the $XRP ripple race. I want to be part in the $XVG verge race coming to you on Aug 1st #gameofcrypto

#xvg is one sleeping giant investment.
good to buy now before next month.
road map has great potential.
true privacy. ip2/tor wallet.

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