24 Hour Open $0.026014
24 Hour Close $0.025606
24 Hour High $0.027080
24 Hour Low $0.024900
24 Hour Volume 182,646,274.68
Market Cap $374,170,687
Available Supply 14,612,617,628.0
Last Price 0.025606



The #Tokenpay & #Verge #communities contain over 500.000 people many would love to buy custom made merchandise! @Nike @nikestore your NikeID shoes are perfect for this 😍 Let us pay with both cryptocurrencies 🤑 We can make history together!#VergeFam would you wear these? #XVG

Let's do a second contest for the upcoming wallet and this one will be about the name of the wallet. 😀

It's your chance to come up with some creative name ideas and get an awesome place within the credits! Comment your ideas under the tweet!
$XVG #verge #vergefam @vergecurrency

Our partners @tokenpay are doing some big things!

Exciting times ahead for #TokenPay, Be sure to follow their twitter handle for more updates in the future!



This is absolutely amazing, you now can trade #xvg not only against BTC but also against the Brazilian Real at http://coin2001.com

http://Coin2001.com is focussing on the Latin American Market and especially Brazil is a promissing market.

Thank you @coin2001


We enjoyed meeting everyone at #xvgmeetup Amsterdam this past weekend!

There are multiple streams available if anyone missed out. We've put together a quick highlight video that captured our first ever meetup!


#xvg $XVG #vergefam #xvgfam


$XSH getting rekt as devs continue switching over from the $XVG codebase to #bitcoin core 0.16 for SHIELD v3.0 wallet. Masternodes coming soon too.

New Video - DAPSCOIN $DAPS formerly PEEPCOIN $PCN is it the next Verge? $XVG https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

🚀🚀🚀 @DAPScoin #DAPScoin #DAPS #PeepCoin #Masternodes

$XVG #xvg #vergecurrency #Vergefam
Please take a moment to read the following note by CryptoRekt, a founding #verge member and author of the Verge Currency Black paper:

$XVG is a great coin because you can judge the average IQ of the market based on its price fluctuations. If its going up, IQ is going down and if its going down, IQ is going up. It really is a great indicator.

May 29, 2018 at 9:03 pm
IQ Cloud trend based indicators work awesome.
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$XVG #xvg #vergecurrency
#Verge blockchain and status are absolutely fine today, don't listen to the FUD going around about attacks. You can always check for yourself by using the following links (#DYOR)

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