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24 Hour Open $1.05716557
24 Hour Close $0.94254692
24 Hour High $1.09569331
24 Hour Low $0.85353254
24 Hour Volume 655371.29414724
Market Cap $22161528
Available Supply 22863561
Last Price 1.00756983


What if $VIA is just forming a huge C&H?! #altcoins

Ledger To Add ViaCoin ($VIA ) PIVX ($PIVX ) VertCoin ($VTC ) And Decred ($DCR ) today.

baghodling till rekt: $XEL $NMR $XRB $ZRX $RLC $BAT $CFI $RBX $EQT $CRW $VIA $DCR $XLM $XCZ $LTC $XCP $PTOY $MTL $DTB $LINX $EMB $EGC $WINGS $VTC $MUE $LBC already had these for like 2 months and looks like it's just the start of this hodl ! Hopefully these will pump next year. Mistakes were made believing twitter that there'd be another alt season in September.

$VIA update: History is about to repeat. #ViaCoin #via #Bitcoin #btc $BTC $ETH #crypto #cryptocurrency #Bittrex #feed #InvestFeed #IFT #cryptocurrencies | Follow me on twitter for more: @taproofficial

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October 6, 2017, 12:49 pm
if you get stuck in a bad trade on Via, just hold it for another year. Romano leaked an upcoming feature for it that's gonna make it pump bigly af in time

Got into $QRL . Seems to be a breakout. Sold my $VIA position. $CRYPTO

$VIA will probably do something similar to $NXC and get back above trend line. Unless whales want to accumulate more. $CRYPTO

$VIA breaking out. let's see if this baby flies. My first target would be around 40-44.

$CRYPTO things - My 3 biggest bags $VIA $NXC $CFI $BOOM $BOOM :-)

$VIA Coin gives me feel like $XMR .. It is an old coin that hasn't really pumped in this cycle. $CRYPTO

adding some more $BAT , $QAU , $BLOCK , $CVC , $MSP , $OMG and $VIA to my bags

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