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24 Hour Open $0.40954512
24 Hour Close $0.41308507
24 Hour High $0.42950842
24 Hour Low $0.39929696
24 Hour Volume 523024.11957473
Market Cap $40140116
Available Supply 100000000
Last Price 0.40856378


Tested and paying! Earn $BITCOIN just by using the complimentary free hashing power. The more people you refer the more free hashing power you get. ROI 6-10 days! Members495451 Power in use1,041.332 PH/s Available power1,800.000 PH/s Total payout683.177 BTC Server runtime24 Days $SONM $GNT $SC $SUB $MAID $STORJ $COSS $ELIX $VIBE $STEEM $SDRN $GBG $OMNI $BTC $NEO $ETP $OAX $VERI $ETH #ICO $TKR $ETHD $PPY $MCAP $FUN $ONION $XMT $XCN $PPT $HVN $PLU $CTR $BTC price5655

FOMO on bitcoin? 2/3 of Hashing power (607.995/900.000 PH/s) already in use. Get some free hashing power TODAY before it runs out and start mining your own Bitcoins! $SONM $GNT $SC $SUB $MAID $STORJ $COSS $ELIX $VIBE $STEEM $SDRN $GBG $OMNI $BTC $NEO $ETP $OAX $VERI $ETH #ICO $TKR $ETHD $PPY $MCAP $FUN $ONION $XMT $XCN $PPT $HVN $PLU $CTR


Honestly it's still not too late to get in on $INXT . Cap is low @1.4M and Supply is only 629 610. Caps of its comparables (SONM GOLEM SIA SUBSTRATUM MAIDSAFE STORJ etc) are between 30M and 250M. At the very minimum there is 30X growth if INXT performance is mediocre and the sky is the limit if performance is exceptional. $SONM $GNT $SC $SUB $MAID $STORJ $COSS $ELIX $VIBE $STEEM $SDRN $GBG $OMNI $BTC $NEO $ETP $OAX $VERI $ETH #ICO $TKR $ETHD $PPY $MCAP $FUN $ONION $XMT $XCN $PPT $HVN $PLU $CTR

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