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24 Hour Open $0.11394311
24 Hour Close $0.11399008
24 Hour High $0.11432302
24 Hour Low $0.08423079
24 Hour Volume 140
Market Cap $17900936
Available Supply 200000000
Last Price 0.09740823


Lamden Project Launches ICO To Fund New Enterprise Blockchain Solutions $TAU #Lamden #ICO #Blockchain

Titus Coin will go from 1 - 2€ this coming Sunday! Check out the #ICO on

Dealing with data privacy in an hybrid network In #Rockchain, it is still possible for public ComputeReduce nodes to get the results of computations occurring on private FactMap nodes on private data. This is possible thanks to some quite recent cryptographic breakthroughs, the secured two-party computation protocols [11]. the #Rockchain protocol also keeps the proofs of correct algorithm executions on private nodes. #ICO Starts In 12days time. View #whitepaper

Falconcoin is the new lending platform, they are at the ICO stage, once the ICO is over the lending platform will be launched, if you are into lending programs, I invite you to join the ICO ( but do your own research first ) link to ICO : #feed #investfeed #ICO

Tested and paying! Earn $BITCOIN just by using the complimentary free hashing power. The more people you refer the more free hashing power you get. ROI 6-10 days! Members495451 Power in use1,041.332 PH/s Available power1,800.000 PH/s Total payout683.177 BTC Server runtime24 Days $SONM $GNT $SC $SUB $MAID $STORJ $COSS $ELIX $VIBE $STEEM $SDRN $GBG $OMNI $BTC $NEO $ETP $OAX $VERI $ETH #ICO $TKR $ETHD $PPY $MCAP $FUN $ONION $XMT $XCN $PPT $HVN $PLU $CTR $BTC price5655

#FalconCoin #ICO is in Stage 3. One FalconCoin is .95USD, which is the cheapest they will probably ever be. Depost $BTC to the wallet in your dashboard (at least 50USD worth) and get yourself some FalconCoin: #Cryptocurrency

$GRX tokes are selling very fast, less than 900k left of the pre-sale amount of 5 million tokens. Do your own research, if you are conviced feel free to use this link : #feed #investfeed #ICO

I didn't expect this, a lot of people believe in $GRX tokens, the pre-sale is almost done. If you are interested in Lending programs, Go get your tokens now. 1 GRX = 0,46$ ( pre-sale price, during the ICO the price will increase ) anyway, do your own reseach, if you're convinced, feel free to use this link : #feed #investfeed #goldreward #ICO

$GRX tokens are selling very fast, the pre-sale is almost done. The concept of Goldreward is very good, 0,46$ is a steal as a price, if you compare it to regalcoin and other lending programs. Go register and get yourself some GRX tokens. #feed #investfeed #ICO

I'm in this. FalconCoin #ICO going fast. Phase 1 is already sold out. #Cryptocurrency

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