24 Hour Open $214.552035
24 Hour Close $210.853561
24 Hour High $219.966534
24 Hour Low $192.443858
24 Hour Volume 2,325,301.26
Market Cap $20,601,208,070
Available Supply 97,703,866.0
Last Price 210.853561



Clearly, we will Moon soon Swachhcoin community.Hope you've been holding the coins! If still not go and get them NOW.
2⃣x $BONUS #tokens for 3 months $HODL.Link to Swachhcoin Main Sale:

Did take some short term losses on $BCH and $LTC , however took a positive gain on $ETH of 13%, see what the crpypto markets do here.

Blockchain Showdown: $NEO Set to Debate #Ethereum $ETH This Week

We’re now listed at $CRYPTO Investment Times @cic_consulting.The first of its kind Crypto Investment Magazine.Helping the $CRYPTOCURRENCY market delve into the traditional markets.

Hello $CRYPTOFAMILY , Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the major religious festivals in $INDIA .🇮🇳

May Lord Ganesha gives you A rainbow 🌈 for every storm 🌪

A smile 🙂 for every tear

A promise 🤝 for every care

And an answer to every prayer! 🙏🏾🙏🏾

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.!!

Chris Coney of #TheCryptoverse is LIVE with the weekly Friday Live Stream!
Tune-in for some quality content and engagement on the show - come ask questions, engage with the community or just digest some unique content.


For you $BAT holders/community members, this video news is for you!
Chris Coney of #TheCryptoverse dives into a new piece of news around data privacy & GDPR as it relates to Brave Browser and the cryptocurrency community.
Oh yeah, and how this plays into the Brave Browser vs Google Chrome battle!

Hope you find this insightful! :)


Sep 14, 2018 at 11:09 pm
I like Brave. I use it regularly. But it’s incompatible with some sites. I’m a small bag hodler but I will be slowly adding to it over time.

Morning all. Looks like $ETH is not going to die at the will of Arthur Hayes after all. Just remember #feeders we are not a click-through proxy for Steemit. @Cryptoboater come over here and give me a big hug

It's been awhile since I've bought anything but I couldn't resist buying some $ETH , $NANO , and $GVT a couple days ago at the prices they were at.

ethereum price #ethprice
#NanoBank #btc #eth #ltc #cryptocurrency #trade #bitcoin #blockchain

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