24 Hour Open $117.990157
24 Hour Close $117.017886
24 Hour High $120.148051
24 Hour Low $114.279221
24 Hour Volume 958,800.68
Market Cap $11,433,099,853
Available Supply 97,703,866.0
Last Price 117.017886



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Market Outlook #19 is now live: https://www.altcointradershand...

This week's Market Outlook is longer than usual. Despite consolidation across-the-board over the past week, there's a lot going on, particularly at the 4H level.

I've provided a bullish and bearish scenario for $BTC , plus the usual study of $ETH & $XMR . I've also covered $ARK & $AMP . Enjoy!

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3 Types of Hardfork - (2 of 3)

A planned hardfork - Is protocol upgrade agreed upon by all members of the community

Best examples are the #Ethereum upgrades in 2017 #Byzantium which was to improve scalability and very soon #Constantinople with EIPs


3 Types of Hardfork - (1 of 3)

A contentious hardfork - Is due to a disagreement in the community with fraction of them splinting off creating a new chain

Best examples are #EthereumClassic and #BitcoinCash


#Constantinople explained in one pic #ethereum

#hardforkether #Ethereum

Regarding the events around #hardforkether. #Ethereum
See, here Total #Constantinople Fork Unready Clients: 2565 (69.0%)

#ETH Fork Vulnerable, #BTC Fututres Closing in Backwardation - #Crypto Charts & Chat LIVE

In Switzerland, they will create a mechanical wristwatch with a built-in cold cryptocurrency wallet. They will cost from $ 102,000 to $ 153,000, and will be available in the second quarter of 2019
#bitcointime #blockchaintime #etheriumtime #bitcointime #cryptotime

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