24 Hour Open $3,762.329379
24 Hour Close $3,527.440619
24 Hour High $3,792.087748
24 Hour Low $3,486.689726
24 Hour Volume 47,698.33
Market Cap $59,519,651,983
Available Supply 16,873,325.0
Last Price 3,527.440619



$INVESTING #btc #cryptocurrency
$OMG looking amazingly strong.
The daily RSI has bottomed out and will probably turn with the close of the candle.

#investing #btc #cryptocurrency
$NEO looking very strong with the retrace completed and the daily has just crossed at the bottom. expecting at least a 50% move from here in the coming days.

#Bitcoin: Preguntas frecuentes #btc

$SQ looks to break falling wedge to the upside, recently Jack Dorsey discussed the excitement over $BTC and its potential implications.

#investing #btc #Cryptocurrency
possible Qtum scenario. check out my feed for more detailed updates.

Winning at Mind The Gap on $BTC . Banked the Bitcoin Cash bonus and French nuclear power pops up again. read it all here

Will $BTC hit new ATH with segwit activation? Or will it be sell the news?

Aug 24, 2017 at 5:41 am
Let's see what will happen with #bitcoincore in November as well. No that I am worried. I am long on #BTC and #Crypto anyway. This is the future and my living now and this is what's #ontrend. I missed out on the #dotcom boom not missing out on this fun.


Difficult day for $BTC...still feeling optimistic for $GDX after this evening

Investing in coss token sales would earn you a lot of Cryptocurrencies. #future $COSS $BTC $ETH .

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