24 Hour Open $3,762.329379
24 Hour Close $3,527.440619
24 Hour High $3,792.087748
24 Hour Low $3,486.689726
24 Hour Volume 47,698.33
Market Cap $59,519,651,983
Available Supply 16,873,325.0
Last Price 3,527.440619



In Switzerland, they will create a mechanical wristwatch with a built-in cold cryptocurrency wallet. They will cost from $ 102,000 to $ 153,000, and will be available in the second quarter of 2019
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#LedgerX Launches a Benchmark #Bitcoin ($BTC ) Volatility Index

$BTC hits a 3920 and I will short. it will confirm our lowest low and start building a structured system we can use.

Here's a quick update on what the BTG team has been up to in recent weeks.
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#Blockfolio Reportedly Downsizing Months After Raising $11.5 Million $BTC

Targets hit on $EOS $BTC and $ETH trades closed.

Took Long positions

- $EOS has hit a good support area, and it looks like the correction is over.
- $BTC because our BB have closed in, and are ready for a potential rise and blow up of the bands once again (seems to repeat this cycle).

- $ETH because of the Fork coming up, using an FA analysis, and it also seems to have found some support.

I'm not hoping for major returns here, just some basic ideas that could potentially playout.

Jan 14, 2019 at 3:43 am
Oh and holding $ZIL till the end of Jan.

Gold VS Bitcoin (Digital Gold)

Gold Futures COMEX $GC1 ! vs Bitcoin $BTC

Do you see ANY difference? Bitcoin lost 80% of its value over 1 year, Apple $APPL lost 40% of its value in 2 months. So which one is really a bubble?

Funny how they follow the exact same path, huh? Maybe not such a coincidence.

The Best Hourly #Bitcoin and #Crypto Faucets — 2019 Edition $BTC , $XRP , $DOGE , $XEM , $ADA

Going long $BTC . Let's see how it plays out.

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