24 Hour Open $0.093278
24 Hour Close $0.088799
24 Hour High $0.098534
24 Hour Low $0.078752
24 Hour Volume 374,592.94
Market Cap $26,639,700
Available Supply 300,000,000.0
Last Price 0.088799



Gonna add to some of my bags. $DBIX , $XHV , $RTO $LINX $ACT

So what am i still rocking with?? $DBIX , $ACT , $XHV , $DBC , $LINX , $RTO , and $IFT .

There are so many others im looking to get onboard with.

So many undervalued gems just got more undervalued !
#hacken $HKN
#cargoX $CXO
#achain $ACT
#zeepin $ZPT
#expanse $EXP
#lunyr $LUN
#dragonchain $DRGN
#odessey $OCN
#universa $UTNP
#TokenPay $TPAY
#thekey $TKY
#Trinity $TNC
#sophiaTX $SPHTX
#QLCchain $QLC
just to name a few! 😇😇

May 25, 2018 at 11:28 am
if you like $HKN , have a look at $NCT (PolySwarm).
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$ACT have launched guys. It's very useful to check order book before buy anything

#Altcoin Projects With the Most Potential Upside Following the Bear #Cryptocurrency Market: $DENT $ETN $DBC $ONION $WAX $RVR #EMC2 $SUMO $TIO $KCS $PRL $APPC $ITC $STORM $QTUM $SIA $NEBL $ACT $TRX $NANO $BRD $XEM $HSR $DNT $PHR $REQ $SUB $ADA $XCP $XRP $R $LTC $ELF $LUX $AE $CLOAK $NEO $NAV $SYS $RDD $XLM $STEEM $QASH $PAY $AMB $POE $ZEC $ZEN

These are my lovely babies.

searching for "adults " to add

interesting times ahead in cryptoland

Could $ACT be the next $ICX or $NEO ??

I shilled $ACT on Twitter and I'll shill it here too. Amazing tech and beginning to target marketing to western world

$ECA the sleeping giant. Fast speed and will be the best coin of 2018/19.

$ACT is also a nice platform. They support Forks. So if you hold the coins you get free tokens.

$ACT is my favorite because of it's potential and speed

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