Fintech insider on "real world use cases" of blockchain:

"Data in trade finance is fragmented by design. Most of it is private - models in trade finance are not representative of credit risk. That is one of the explanations of the credit crunch."

"We can already provide the responsibility for debt to crypto lending platforms, we have ways to compare it with similar markets. Another good stepping stone is parametric solutions based on smart contracts."

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"Full data file" for Fidelity Investments:

- Fidelity is not new to crypto, they've run a mining outfit since 2015
- They are launching a cryptoasset custody for businesses now, pretty much a cold storage with some guarantees
- They'll be probably making most money on the trading part of their new business venture as they will use a tool that will make it easy for them to arbitrage different crypto markets

Full article: https://www.thebusinessofcrypt...

Just published - Interview with Andrew Gazdecki of
On the future of decentralized trading, current issues and the OG community approach.

Today in the news a "conspiracy" appeared about $EOS allegedly funding and attack on $ETH network.

*The backup for this claim was just a confluence of events though:*
- Leading up to $EOS mainnet launch the $ETH network activity was rising
- Also leading up to the $EOS launch, a lot of dodgy airdrops appeared

Full article: https://www.thebusinessofcrypt...

This week in #CryptoSecurity, short and sweet:

New malware targets #crypto communities on Slack and Discord, spreads through admin impostors.
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Citing @sans_isc post from @remco_verhoef #cybersecurity #hacking #cryptocurrency

Blockchain #KYC projects are fighting hard to establish themselves. 🚔 This one competes with Civic, uPort and Selfkey:

While everyone is worried about the feds snooping on their custodial trading activity, malware targeting crypto wallets became available for 25 USD including a setup subscription that does not require technical expertise.

Explore the DEX selection, up your security, keep calm and carry on! ✌

Interesting reading for the weekend - about crypto regulation but not numbingly boring: Interview with the CEO of who plans for the nexus of public blockchain tx monitoring and credit score.


This past weekend we released another long read on decentralized trading #BusinessOfCrypto - this time comparing the [RIPOFF] eToro offers to people who don't want to trade crypto manually and the options that are starting to line up in non-custodial outfits.

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