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Published Sep 15, 2018

The Release project ICO unifies Social Commerce with blockchain. 5 important reasons to invest in this major ICO

The emergence of social media and e-commerce have had a major impact in our lives. Both the mediums have enormous growth potential with the promise of a brilliant future. Now, imagine a platform that combines the mass appeal of social media with that of the enormous revenue generation potential of e-commerce!

Welcome Release- A one-of-its-kind next general social media platform that fuses e-commerce effortlessly into it giving the ‘Social Commerce’ market an all new dimension. With blockchain based technology, analysis and data processing using Big Data and with contents that add value to the information quotient, Release is unique to say the least. 

Based on the ERC20 Ethereum token, Release plans to launch its ICO ‘REL’ between May 2018 to November 2018. With 100 billion tickets to be issued, here are 5 reasons why investing in Release would be a smart and the best option:

Next Generation social media merge with e-commerce

  • The merging of social media and e-commerce creates the ‘Social Commerce’ market which is not just unique but the future of SNS.

  • Blockchain based technology for reliability, fast processing and security.

  • A worthy information search program and trading system by individual artificial intelligence.

  • The information submitted by the contributor is reliably evaluated by the evaluators thus ensuring quality control.

  • An unique points distribution system wherein both the contributor and the evaluator are awarded points (in the form of REL tokens). This ensures a constant flow of worthy information with increased quality.

  • The platform has 6 large SNS (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+) and 2 big e-commerce (Rakuma and Mercari).

Worthy Information and Reliable Valuation

  • The Release platform is based on the concept of ‘Worthy information significantly changing the future of SNS!’

  • Participants are encouraged to don the role of a ‘City Reporter’ thus contributing information that are reliable, precise, which cannot be found on mainstream media and worthy of the reader.

  • An effective reliable valuation system ensures high quality of the contributing information.

  • The users of Release can buy and sell the accumulated points (REL tokens) within the platform and can also exchange them with various virtual currencies when listed on the exchange stock market.

Market Scale

  • The SNS users over the world is set to cross 3 billion by 2021.

  • The e-commerce market is expected to rise to about 3.5 Trillion dollars by 2019.

  • The Asia-Pacific market of e-commerce is expected to rise to about 65% of the world market by 2019.

  • Given the current trends and the future forecast, both the social media and e-commerce are set for enormous growth thus making Release to substantiate the benefits of both using its integrated platform.

Other Features

The ‘deep learning technology using Al’ algorithm makes the search functionality unique, precise and trustworthy. The algorithm automatically predicts ‘what and for what purpose’ the user is searching for and provides an optimum result based on search history, search behavioural patterns and preferences.

Release uses Big Data to process and analyse data for continuous development. By predicting customer purchase behaviour, previously used data, and marketing, Release aims to use the obtained data results for further growth & development along with innovative smart upgradation.

Using the Blockchain technology, data cohesiveness and security is always maintained. Release aims not just to protect data with confidentiality, but to make data falsification virtually impossible. With the emergence of ‘social commerce’, Release is the ICO that is set to usher in a new world of innovation, trading and information enrichment.

Media Contact:

Name : RELEASE Co., Ltd.  
Email : [email protected]

Telegram Group : https://t.me/release8

Website: https://release.co.jp/rel/

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