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Published Aug 4, 2018

The 12 Primary Modules of AGATE Explained and How Developers Can Build More

The Agate ecosystem, a newly introduced decentralized set of blockchain protocol and applications offers a comprehensive set of crypto-solutions within the decentralized platform. Unlike the traditional blockchains that feature a use-case solution to typically one or two problems, Agate highlights its blockchain that is developed in 12 different modules to offer comprehensive solutions. From lightening speed transactions to a developer platform, enabling white label solutions and an AI powered multi-currency wallet for users and traders, Agate is the future of Blockchain technology.

Elements of Agate Blockchain:

Agate, a complete set of decentralized blockchain ecosystem, is scheduled for a Mainnet Launch in Q1 2019. With the Mainnet Launch, that will mark the official release of Agate’s platform, it will become an independent blockchain with its separate existence within the blockchain space similar to the ecosystems of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the likes.

2.Instant Settlement:
With slow transaction settlement periods that even take days for a merchant to receive payments, Agate’s Blockchain ecosystem supports lightening fast transaction throughputs of up to 17 million transactions per day with near-instant settlement speeds that makes funds immediately available and spendable for the merchant.

3.Proof-of-Stake Mining Consensus:
Agate’s Blockchain Ecosystem is developed on the revolutionary Proof-of-Stake consensus model that is one of the most advanced and environmentally-friendly methods of mining coins.

4.Stable Cryptocurrency:
One of the most advanced elements of Agate blockchain, Agate iFiat Ecosystem facilitates transactions very economically with settlements in real-time. Agate’s iFiats are a Fiat-pegged cryptocurrency that works like a stable coin, unlike the volatility that other cryptocurrencies witness. Each iFiat unit has a 1:1 ratio with the underlying currency unit, for instance, 1 iFiat iUSD = 1 US Dollar. Although iFiats can be used as a cryptocurrency, it facilitates a stable payments system to ensure merchants realize the full spendable value for their payments while eliminating the volatility risk within the platform.

5.Token Generator:

With Mainnet Launch, users through Agate’s Token Generator will be able to create their own token through a user-friendly platform without the requirement of writing any code. This will allow such users with the ability of branding and marketing their products and services under Agate’s Blockchain. All the services provided by token generator will be fuelled with Agate’s AGT token which will remain at the core of the platform.
6.AI Powered MultiCurrency Wallet:
Agate’s Multi-Currency Wallet powered with AI Engine presently has the ability to store up to five different cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple. While still in the development phase, Agate will unleash the power of its wallet and will be fully launched by Q4 2018. Users on Agate wallet will have the ability to store up to 17 different crypto-assets while managing their crypto-investments at a single place in an organized manner. Integrated with an AI Engine that uses a machine-learning and decision-making algorithm such as Recurrent Neural Network, the software will have the ability to advise users with the best time to convert their individual crypto-assets into iFiats to realize the highest possible gains.

7.Trading Bot:
Agate’s Trading Bot allows users to load multiple cryptocurrencies into Agate ecosystem and improve their portfolio performance by simply setting multiple rules for the trading bot to execute trades when the market conditions are met. In such high volatile market, users can generate the greatest value of cryptocurrency without the need of different exchanges as users can simply exchange any of their coins available in the Agate Wallet user app.

8.Merchant Facing Multiple Payment Gateway:
Enabling merchants with the ability to accept crypto-payments, Agate will launch easy-to-install payment apps/plug-ins and an open source Agate Payment Gateway API that will allow merchants and e-Commerce platforms to accept cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment with zero hassles.

9.Decentralized Exchange:
Agate’s iFiat ecosystem will be powered by one of the fastest blockchain platforms which will include Agate’s Decentralized Exchange (DEX) that will allow lightning fast transactions on the network for merchants to convert their crypto-payments into iFiats instantaneously. This helps merchants on the platform eliminate the volatility risk and realize the full USD value of their payments.

10.Merchant POS Terminal and Merchant App:
Enabling brick-and-mortar stores to access crypto-payments without the crypto-volatility risk, Agate’s POS terminal will allow users to pay through cryptocurrencies while the iFiat network would immediately process the payments and convert such crypto-payments into iFiats for stores to realize the full dollar value of their goods and services being provided without any geographical limitation. Additionally, with the Agate Merchant App, merchants can receive their payments in their own iBucket which facilitates easy bank transfers or the money can be loaded into their own cards for instant spending.

11.White Label Provider:
Agate Blockchain will provide the Agate API Suite, a white label solution that allows developers to build their own DApps or DAO on Agate’s strong and reliable network while improving the entire Cryptoeconomy.

12.Crypto Debit Card:
Partnering up with the world’s leading card providers users on the community can have their Agate Debit cards issued that would be accepted over 30,000,000 stores globally.

To find out more, visit https://www.agatechain.org/

Read the white paper here.

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