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Published Aug 1, 2018

IoT_Chain (ITC)- Recent development

Recently I wrote an article on IoT_Chain with “ITC- an OS for Faster, secure IoT nodes” where I mentioned what ITC is and what they are developing, their vision, etc. if you wish to read that article then here is the link -

In this article, I am going to discuss ITC’s recent development

Recent development – 

ITC recently launched hardware chip which will help in effectively managing each of the IoT devices by providing each device with a unique ID on the network, and provide the security to the IoT devices, using a trusted execution environment (TEE) or secure operating OS. As per the estimates, there will be more than 20 billion IoT devices by 2020. Managing these many devices is not an easy task, but ITC’s hardware base chip will be able to effectively manage these many devices and will be able to protect them as well from any kind of attacks.

ITC team is close to the launching of testnet now, as per roadmap it will be launched in October 2018. And based on their weekly updated team is putting a lot of efforts in meeting the deadline. Also, the ITC team looks confident about successfully passing the testnet in October and that’s why they are reaching out to a different team who share similar interest and forming a strategic partnership with such teams.

There is two most important development happened in recent time.

IoT  Chain and Schonell.

ITC recently announced a strategic partnership with Schonell. Schonell is the leading manufacturer of building communication systems in Singapore and Europe. Schonell provides wireless telecommunication solutions for residential, commercial,

and industrial applications, facilitating security access, surveillance and database management, for their customers to experience enhanced security, mobility, and accessibility. IoT network can be used to build an automated home or office. It can be used to monitor and control the mechanical, electrical and electronic systems used in various types of buildings whether is residential, commercial, institutional, schools, offices.  

Both ITC and Schonell understood the importance of the use of IoT and agreed to jointly explore the application of blockchain technology in the field of intelligent building communication and promote the development of the smart home industry. The IoT Chain team believes smart home devices play an important role in the future of smart city networks, and technologies such as blockchain will help redefine our smart lifestyle.  The Schonell Interphone has redefined the wireless interphone. The smartphone app allows users to communicate through video, unlock doors, and grant building access from anywhere, but the security of the home devices, as well as personal data, will be the key issues when it comes to building automated but safe home. And that where ITC OS will play a big role. ITC will OS will provide much-needed security to these IoT devices and data will be encrypted so even if its hacked, it will be of no use for hackers.

This is one of the best partners for ITC so far, it will help them to promote their product in Singapore and Europe and both teams will give an amazing experience to their client. Together, the two teams will build a healthy and sustainable IoT ecosystem and promote the development of the Internet of Things in the smart home industry.

IoT  Chain and ARM China

Well, these two teams are still in early stage of discussion, and as of now and not agreed to form any formal partnership, but both have similar interest when it comes to security, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things. This year itself there were a lot of attacks on security devices, relentless SSH cracking attacks were conducted, affecting over 160 countries. Security threats to the Internet of Things have quickly become a global issue now. IoT Chain and ARM China claim that current security threats to the Internet of things include, Communication attacks, Software attacks, Physical attacks. Both ITC and ARM China believes that blockchain technology has become an effective solution to common IoT issues due to its distributed data storage properties, transparency, trust, and immutability.

Through their blockchain-driven IoT solution, the ITC team focuses on IoT devices and data security, and on the other hand, ARM, has their own digital asset security system. Their unique TrustZone* and TrustZone-M security technology provides IP protection, an IoT protocol, as well as password and asset protection for firmware. These features are ideal for an IoT application. ITC co-founder Lyu Xinhao believes cooperation with ARM China on a blockchain project is mutually beneficial for both teams. I believe in the future both teams will continue cooperating with each other and help each other in the field of IoT network.

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