Published Jul 15, 2018

MoolyaCoin- World’s 1st Digital Startup Ecosystem


Project Overview

Welcome to Moolya Project a blockchain-based entrepreneurship ecosystem aimed to accommodate entrepreneurs, organizations, and institutions that make up the ecosystem of collaboration to ensure firm success. MOOLYACOIN is a big project, one that you shouldn't miss participating in the ICO not only for its wonderful team but also the concept and idea the project represent. I am in it and make sure you play your part and one which you will be proud you did soon.

The Moolya project launched through the creation of a cryptocurrency named moolyacoin (symbol: MOOLYA). The moolyacoin token is built on the Ethereum blockchain and conforms to the ERC-20 standard. Moolyacoin is a token of a patent pending innovative SaaS moolya.global platform, which is aims to become the preferred method to conduct business and access the ecosystem of services on moolya platform using the Ethereum blockchain protocol.

All interactions and collaboration within the platform/application is built into blocks and automated smart contracts bring in the required trust in transactions on the global network. This eases choices, reduces costs and enables faster resolution of service requirements for global startups, investors, service-providers, ideators, institutions and companies.

Moolyacoin token is an ERC20 token of a patent pending innovative SaaS platform - moolya.global, which is a culmination of an interaction network, marketplace and on-demand service platforms offering services using the Ethereum blockchain framework and moolyacoin as its preferred mode to access and conduct transactions.

Benefits of moolyacoins on moolya: Why a native coin?

  1. Will be preferred mode of operations on moolya
  2. Universal and borderless currency
  3. Safe and within the ecosystem
  4. Trackable and faster settlements
  5. Highly portable inside and outside
  6. No inflation effect
  7. No payment gateway charges
  8. No transaction charges
  9. Good liquidity
  10. Increased purchasing power

How moolya works

To understand how moolya platform works one has to understand its features, business model, revenue methods and the collaborative opportunity between the digital communities.

Moolya will rely on a two-sided network effect protocol built to help increase the use of startup products within a particular user group and consequently, increasing the value of the corresponding item. From this, Moolya began to encourage the growth of complementary goods by giving them a strong presence in the market through their network effect protocol.

MoolyaCoin MOOLYA Token ICO Details

Pre-ICO - July 10, 2018-10 August 2018

Private-Sale- 1 Sep 2018–30 Sep 2018

Sales-Public: October 15, 2018 - January 15, 2019

Bonus Layout

• Pre-Sales: Bonus ......... ..25%

• Private-Sales: Bonus ... ..20%

• Crowd-Sale: Bonus……………5%

Parameter Of The ICO

• Simbol / Ticker-MOOLYA

• Platform- Ethereum

• Model- ERC20

• Total no. moolyacoins:

• Total moolyacoin offered at ICO: 480,000,000 (Pre Sales, Private Sales & Crowd)

• Price / Coin in Pre - Sales: 0.06 USD

• Price / Coin in Private / Crowd Sale: 0.06 USD

• % Coins sold on ICO: 48% (Pre Sales, Private Sales & Crowd

• Hard Cap - 25 million USD

• Soft Cap - 3 million USD

Allocation of Token

• Pre-Sales ..................... .8%

• Personal sales ............... .20%

• Sales crowd ......... .20%

• Advisor ........................... .14%

• Founder and Team ...................14%

• Suggestions ........................... .24%

Moolya Project Team

Moolya Platform is initiated and backed with professionals with unquestionable wealth of experiences. Our team has full understanding of the Objective and the Roadmap of the project and believes in the disruptive power of smart contracts, and will dedicate significant efforts to make them effective in internet global community.

For more details on Moolyacoin, please visit the link below:

website: https://www.moolyacoin.io/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/moolyacoin

Twitter: https://twitter.com/moolyacoin

ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4559208

WHITEPAPER: https://www.moolyacoin.io/mc_assets/uploads/2018/06/moolyacoin_w

Author: Godinma11

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