A challenge in trading High Growth, High Momentum, and High Volatility stocks is finding a low-risk entry point. Mickael asked on a recent video if we could better explain how to do this and to provide a recent example. The best example I have is one we've traded and are still holding in our Model Portfolio. We bought BABA back in January and are using the 50dma as our sell guide. This video explains it all:

In order to achieve our goals, we must continue to persevere... About a year and a half ago I was close to giving up. I was stressed. Things weren't working out. I was in a very dark place both mentally and physically. I was getting sick frequently. ...I wasn't the person who I wanted to be. Thankfully, things have changed quite a bit since then. Here I share how...and why I'm heading in a new direction:

The last time $IWM flirted with the 200dma was right around election day.

Taking on too much risk... buying on tips... we've all done these type of things and in the end, they all lead to the same result... losing money. Here are 10 mistakes we need to stop making right now that will help save us money and become more successful in the market.

#AAOI reported earnings today and it plummeted about -25%. The social media streams were painful to watch and I feel for many of you out there... It inspired me to make this video and hopefully no one will need to suffer losses like this again:

I used to scale into positions (buy 50% first... as the trade works, buy another 30%... and then buy my last 20% a little higher than that). I stopped doing this because not only does it raise your average cost, but when the stock inevitably pulls back, I'd end up with bigger losses and it would really mess with my head. I now buy most of my positions all at once at advanced pivots. I put together a 4 minute about it here:

The market ended mixed last week as investors digested a slew of earnings and economic data. So far, earnings are mixed: Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, and Google reported earnings and Netflix and Facebook are up, but the others are down. To continue reading, click here:

In case u missed it yesterday, $TWTR is looking great ahead of earnings. I gave some insights on how I'm playing it

If you enjoy doing your own market research and believe you can beat the "wall street pros", here's a product that will help you do it faster and easier... and we're giving it away for FREE!

Avoid the herd... Manage risk... Limit losses... These are a few of the Critical Rules for Investing: $STUDY

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