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Just posted a new video discussing the current market, industry groups, trade ideas, and our recent trade in $AAOI

Today's the first significant distribution day the market's seen in a while. $SPX looks destined to have a date w/ the 50dma

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Here's stock 2 of 3 from the 48hr "ANALYZE THAT" challenge. We took a look at LITE which is actually setting up real nice right now... in fact, I'll likely take this trade myself! How are we doing with this challenge so far? Let us know!

Article: 48hr "Analyze That" stock challenge...IN PROGRESS! We're have a 48hr "Analyze That" stock challenge hosted by our new product "Elite Stock Setups", if what I've learned from this Elite Stock Setups service is any good at all, I should be able to analyze any stocks you throw at me.We asked our subscribers to submit ideas and we'd analyze the best 3.The best 3 were PNRA, LITE, and URI. I have until tomorrow evening to not only analyze… Read More

Part 1 of 48hr "Analyze That" Challenge complete! Here's what I'm seeing in $PNRA Adv Pivot, Support, & analysis

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