?Compare this move in $NVDA to the move in $AMBA back in August 2015. It provides a good road map. ?

I used today's move to new highs as an opportunity to add a small amount to my existing position in $NTES

New highs for $NTES . Risk is now defined as the low of the gap up the day of earnings (278.80). More aggressive stop use 289.38

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Stocks are up three weeks in a row and have literally rallied every week since Trump took office. The market closed at fresh record highs as buyers continue to accumulate stocks. Stepping back, this is beginning to feel like the very early stages of a 1999 style climax/blow-off top. $SPX $SPY $QQQ $IWM $DJIA

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Great IPO base and breakout in $ATH anyone else catch this one? Starting showing up in ChartYourTrade MRI a few weeks ago.

$EBSB is attempting to breakout along with the financial sector

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