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I've heard a lot of talk recently about the top being near and fear about getting into the market. While I feel that its important to time our entries and manage risk, I wanted to give a little bit of perspective on where the current market has come from and what it's gone through to get there. Here's a brief video that I just posted on YouTube discussing the NASDAQ's Bull Market

Stocks ended mostly higher last week after the bulls showed up and defended critical support. As we have said since the beginning of June, the 50-day moving average line is the critical line in the sand to watch for the major indices. It was encouraging to see that important level defended, especially for the Nasdaq and Nasdaq 100. Once again, the latest pullback has been very shallow in both size (small percent decline) and scope (short in duration).

Understanding moving averages is very important to investing successfully. We review the basics that you should know in this post.

Once again, we are entering a very split tape as investors sold leaders (tech stocks) and bought laggards for the second straight week. The Nasdaq and Nasdaq 100, which were leading the market for all of 2017, fell last week as the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a fresh record high.

People love hot stocks! You know, those names that are making big gains on strong volume… That land at the top of what’s trending on Twitter, StockTwits, or InvestFeed. The names that ultimately attract crowds of speculators cheering for it to soar higher! Invariably what happens..? People chase the stock out of the fear of missing out and end up losing money what was a monster stock! DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!!! Here's how to avoid the perils of chasing hot stocks...

Week in Review: Investors sell leaders and buy laggards… $QQQ $IWM $XLF $IBB #stockmarket

When the smoke clears, see what levels stocks are dropping to. Did support hold? What was the volume like? There will be opportunities!

Tough sell off. Some of my stops are being hit as well. If you had a plan coming into today, don't abandon it. Keep a level head. $STUDY

Finding success in the stock market isn't easy... here are 11 Factors that helped me find success over the years.

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