Using the pitchfork, we can see we hit the corner pocket (purple box) and that indices that we have an 80% chance of reaching the top band, which we in fact did, and now we should see a retracement to the golden zone, which incidentally lands on the lower trend line which we touched on in past price action, but normally you need 3 touches to confirm a trend. Orange box shows the perfect alignment riding down the fork.

Let's see how it plays out. I'm watching with anticipation.

In the midst of chaos, where are my bags?

$ICX Icon $ABS Absolute $ZIL Zilliqa $RVN Raven

What's better than being naked? Bitcoin.

I'm going to start using a SMA 1400.

Jan 17, 2019 at 3:48 am
Because why not

$BTC Target @ 3720.

$BTC dips, lands in all 3 of my buy zones and then push up. I did not see that coming, but I'm glad I had my orders in.

Jan 15, 2019 at 8:42 pm
Also, it is within the Golden Zone.

In hindsight, this might be the best possible way of figuring out where the buyers and sellers sit. Look at the $BTCUSDLONG and $BTCUSDSHORT from Bitfinex.

Notice anything? Shorts diminishing, Longs aquiring. Market moves on a front of who has more push. Right now, I'd say the Bulls are a bit more pushy than the relaxing Bears. $BTC

Watching $TRX very closely. Waiting for the correction.

$BTC hits a 3920 and I will short. it will confirm our lowest low and start building a structured system we can use.

Targets hit on $EOS $BTC and $ETH trades closed.

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