Anyone here do Crossfit or similar?

Was put off for years because it's has a negative stigma around it

After incorporating it in my training it really isn't true

Actually the reverse 💪

It's what got Hugh Jackman lean for the X-men / Wolverine movies 🎥

Watch my latest AMA with Ryan Lloyd!

First Decentralized Translation Solution - Telegram App

#Blockchain #TranslateMe #Translation $TMN $NEO #cryptocurrency #Lauguage

Marie Kondo Netflix's show has inspired me to fold all my clothes

3 Types of Hardfork - (3 of 3)

Spin off coins - #Bitcoin is open source protocol anyone can view the code, duplicate it and change the base code creating their own modified version

Best example is #Litecoin which is spinoff of #BTC and similar in technical sense


3 Types of Hardfork - (2 of 3)

A planned hardfork - Is protocol upgrade agreed upon by all members of the community

Best examples are the #Ethereum upgrades in 2017 #Byzantium which was to improve scalability and very soon #Constantinople with EIPs


3 Types of Hardfork - (1 of 3)

A contentious hardfork - Is due to a disagreement in the community with fraction of them splinting off creating a new chain

Best examples are #EthereumClassic and #BitcoinCash


Satoshi Nakamoto is the Golden Father of Bitcoin

Charlie Lee would be the Silver Uncle who takes you out to watch UFC live if your a good boy

#Litecoin #LTC #PayWithLitecoin

#Constantinople explained in one pic #ethereum

Q1 key #Crypto dates:

* $ETH Constantinople Hardfork Jan 16

* $BTC Bakkt futures opening Jan 24

* $NEO Devcon 16th and 17th Feb

* $BTC ETF deadline Feb 27

If Putin (Russia) decides in February to start using Bitcoin/Crypto as a reserve currency like a alternative to Gold

Could it be Bigger then US ETF approval or Physically Delivered futures like Bakkt?

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