The #MasternodeMeBro18 tournament made it into!

#MasternodeMeBro18: Event 2 Now Live

Fight Card 5

@dualitychain $DYN v @StipendOff $SPD
@zoinofficial $ZOI v @SolarisCoin $XLR
@TXproject_io $TX v @pepecoins $MEME
@monoeci_monaco $XMCC v @Terracoin_TRC $TRC

Fight card closes July 22nd

We just completed the first of six events! There are a total of 64 competitors in #MasternodeMeBro18, so this is just the beginning. This initial event exposed some strengths and weaknesses in various masternode communities.

Check out the results now.

There are many moving parts to the ALQO project, so I set out to speak with Moritz “Moh” Heimberg, Co-Founder of ALQO, to chat on ALQO‘s governance, market strategy, and “Planetary System.”


$ALQO #masternodes

We ran a survey in response to @SludgeFeed's recent article "5 #Masternode Projects with Real Use Cases" to determine sentiment for: $SYS , $PHR , $ION , $PIVX , & $BLOCK .

The community has spoken! The winner from the survey is:


Communities battle over 'best masternode'

#masternodes #MasternodeMeBro18

⏰ Best Masternode Project Poll closes on Friday
✅ < one minute to participate
☕️ Results will be shared on Saturday


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I recently spoke with Stably Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer David Zhang to better understand not only how StablyCoin actually works, but to also better understand the differences between the types of stablecoins and their strengths vs weaknesses against various economic conditions (hyper-inflation, deflation, etc).


In a crowd of masternode cryptocurrencies what makes Solaris XLR stand-out? I believe there are three primary reasons to consider Solaris XLR for one’s masternode portfolio:

$XLR #masternodes

Everything You Need To Know About ionomy In 20.5 Questions: an interview $ION

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