#MasternodeMeBro18 Event 3 Ends August 26

Do your fighters have the stamina to make it to the end? Have some fun, participate in this epic masternode sentiment event.


In an effort to better understand Deviant Coin and its plans for the future, I briefly spoke with the team. Enjoy!



With the duopoly that is Google + Facebook controlling what we see, projects such as Force Network particularly interesting.

Here is my brief chat with the team:


I recently started the Equal-Weight Privacy Coin Index, focused on privacy tech innovation, and it was suggested that Spectrecoin be included as a component. Not knowing much about the project, I had LOTS of questions.

Fortunately, @XspecRising Project Manager, ‘Mandica’ was more than happy to get involved!




Always on the hunt for interesting masternode projects, I recently sat down (digitally) with the @PhoreCrypto team to chat business strategy, disruption direction, and the future of the Phore masternode.

There is a lot of great insight in this interview, so please enjoy, digest and engage!



NavCoin is an interesting project, but is it truly a privacy coin? I spoke with NavCoin Founder Craig MacGregor to find out. Enjoy the newest edition of Crypto Hobbit Interviews!


$NAV #privacycoins

Privacy Coin Index July 28

Index +6.71% v $BTC +10.58%
$PIVX +21.28%
$ZEC +14.58%
$XMR +7.01%
$ZEN +6.16%
$KMD +5.77%
$PART +0.90%
$NAV -0.45%
$XZC -1.55%


Jul 28, 2018 at 4:46 pm
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Aug 14, 2018 at 4:00 am
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MYCE: The Future Of Blockchain Support

“Everyone is focused on trading, good for them, but the real value will come from projects who can make this #technology more approachable to common users. @myceworld is there.”


#MasternodeMeBro18: Event 2

Fight Card 8

--> https://www.surveymonkey.com/r...

@purealtcoin $PURE v @denariuscoin $DNR
@SatoshiCoin_ $SATC v @sucremoneda2018 $SUCR
@HarvestMnCoin $HC v @BitcoinFinal $BTCF
@ArtaxCoin $XAX v @Lindaproject $LINDA

#MasternodeMeBro18: Event 2

Fight Card 6
--> https://www.surveymonkey.com/r...

#SPEDO $SPO v @ctsplatform $CTS
@ExusCoin $EXUS v @lucingroup $LSN
@xando_club $XDO v @RenishGroup $RNSH
@CoinRocks $STONE v @KetanTeam $KETAN

Fight card closes July 22nd!

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