$KLKS hitting another growth patch.

@kalkulus_team #masternodes

$KLKS green across the board on 8 new #masternodes and a nearly .80% coin lock increase. Clearly, a bottom has been found on @kalkulus_team , as CMC rank increases 54 places.

$DEV green across the board as excitement for the new multi-coin hard wallet grows. @DeviantCoin sees 30 new #masternodes, an increased in masternode value, and a not-insignificant increase in CMC rank

changes since 10.25: $XLR green across the board with 17 new #masternodes sold into increased masternode collateral value

@SolarisCoin @txbit_io

changes since 10/25: $ALQO $XLQ sees a huge 2% gain in coin lock with the addition of 115 new #masternodes. Green across the board, @ALQOCOIN also sees significant increase in CMC rank and masternode collateral value

changes since 10/25: $XZC sees 23 new masternodes and the coin lock to match against slightly falling prices

@zcoinofficial #masternodes

Hobbit Nodes: 11-01-2018 #Masternodes


$PHR sells thick like @KimKardashian 's ass on @IDAX11

#masternodes #IDAX

#Masternodes Money Shot via coingecko and OmniAnalytics

$BWK @Bulwark
$ZEN @horizenglobal
$THC @TheHempCoin
$DASH @Dashpay
$ION @ionomics
$BITG @btc_green
$XZC @Zcoin
$CRW @CrownPlatform
$WGR @wagerrx

Nov 1, 2018 at 6:25 pm
Six of these top-10 masternodes were in #MasternodeMeBro18! One of them made it to the Championship round and is fighting for the Grand Champion title now.


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